About Us

Credibility, trust and confidence
– important words in PPS’s everyday!

egardless of whether you need a sparring partner, advice or service, it is a ”must” that you experience PPS as a credible business partner and advisor and that you always can trust on PPS to do business fairly. And that you have confidence that PPS will always keep their promises – and do it in a professional manner!

These three values form the cornerstone of the PPS team’s work day to day, and has done since PPS’s foundation in 1999 as a subsidiary of a major Danish specialist machinery manufacturer. The company acquired its present form as part of a management buy out in 2003. Since then we have grown in line with customer demand.

PPS has always focused on the health care industry, providing equipment and support for the manufacture and packaging of the industry’s products.

Over the years, PPS has developed in line with increased demand from both local and international organisations, just as we have focused on developing new equipment  at our business partners.

We are continually able to increase our range of solutions from a large number of known brands within our area. As one of the first distributors in our area, PPS set up its own service department in order to provide service and support for urgent situations. We are therefore able to help keep our customers’ production running, a measure that has been so well received that PPS has been able to increase its number of technical services over the years.

In the future too, the Scandinavian market will see PPS at the forefront of development when it comes to advice, sales and service, ensuring our customers always have “A Network of Possibilities” when working with us.